Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

FEA is a mathematical-based principle that allows engineers to predict stresses, deflections and critical operating speeds based on ideal operating conditions.  PDS uses a software that allows FEA to be applied to most structures and machine components that exist in industry.

Our engineers are experienced in using this technology to provide the following services:

  • The use of comparative methods to improve a component’s resilience to cracking under typical load conditions
  • The use of comparative methods to help improve the flow of stresses throughout a component and optimize material usage and costs
  • Estimation of component life based on load prediction at critical locations throughout the component under typical loading and speed conditions
  • Influence of the air/moisture ratios on fan operating stresses
  • Quality video files of 3D modeling outcomes and comparisons
  • Minimum thickness estimation of in-situ materials

PDS also has the ability to use FEA to determine the best location/s for strain gauge fitment if ‘dynamic’ real operating stresses are to be collected from a machine or structure.