Design and Drafting

PDS offers a complete design and drafting service for all mechanical and basic structural requirements. Our qualified in-house engineers have been exposed to a wide range of industry-related problems and are proficient in the use of 3D/CAD modeling, finite element analysis (FEA), modal analysis and rotational resonance software.

The drafting services we offer can see your idea come to life in 3D, including the ability to simulate its operation prior to physical prototype construction if required. The team at PDS can also produce hugh quality ’fabrication drawings’ fit for component construction.

Our design team offers stress, deflection, stability and life-cycle analysis for all applications.  Our mechanical engineers can often improve structural cracking and machine operating problems through the design of unique component modifications, and are also well-equipped to conduct shaft, drive-train and basic structural designs.  Where applicable, all of our design work is combined with ‘physical’ vibration data collected from the machine to reduce the number of engineering assumptions used during calculation.