Vibration Analysis


Quality mobile data acquisition

  • Fastest measurements using trending spectra

  • User-friendly and intuitive operation

  • Powerful analysis and diagnostic tools for machine trouble shooting

  • Automatic switchbox support

  • Long-lived battery

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The high-speed data collector

  • Fast and comprehensive vibration data collection

  • No time and effort spent on training thanks to the intuitive graphical user interface

  • Minimum measuring time thanks to parallel digital data processing

  • Real triaxial data acquisition

  • Innovative RPM determination based on vibration signal

  • Touch display: Shock-proof, high-contrast, glove-enabled. 

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Vibration analyzer for hazardous environments

  • ATEX zone 1 rated

  • Intuitive one-hand joystick operation

  • Integrated intrinsically safe sensors for vibration, speed and temperature measurements

  • Advanced vibration analysis functions: FFT spectrum, time wave form and recording

  • Shockproof and waterproof housing (IP65)

  • Compatible with VIBCODE transducer for automatic measurement identification

  • Optional: Field balancing

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Ultrasonic testing device for leak detection

Large frequency bandwidth: 20-100 kHz

  • Leak analysis, evaluation and instant reporting

  • Airborne and structure-borne sensors

  • Optional PC-Software for analysis of ultrasound phenomena

  • Optional ultrasound emitter for air tightness test

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