Online Monitoring


Advanced online condition monitoring for multiple assets

20 parallel channels

  • Continuous monitoring

  • Seamless integration to control systems

  • Various configurations available

  • DIN rail mountable

  • Intelligent data reduction

  • Wi-Fi Ready Solution

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VIBGUARD compact

Online condition monitoring for individual assets

  • 6 fully synchronous measuring channels for continuous data acquisition

  • Observation of up to 6 operating conditions

  • Characteristic value trend storage with adjustable data reduction and Intelligent Event Recording

  • Specially for individual assets with high aggregate value, complex drives, and changing operating conditions

  • Wi-Fi Ready Solution

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Compact online diagnostics

Autonomous online monitoring system for critical machines, viewed from the comfort of your own office.

VIBRONET Signalmaster

Proven Online Monitoring for Industrial plants.

  • More than 162 channels

  • Intelligent string line architecture

  • Low installation costs

  • Seamless ATEX integration

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