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Shaft Alignment

Rotalign Touch

Cloud-enabled laser shaft alignment system

Tablet-like touchscreen with 3D display and durable housing, the Rotalign Touch combines the high quality measurement capabilities of Prüftechnik's iS sensors and integrates mobile connectivity technology.



Shaft alignment goes mobile

Fully mobile and wireless alignment system designed to be used on mobile phones and tablets.  Perfect for performing quick alignment checks, with the capability for instant report generation and sending built into the mobile app.

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Advanced alignment applications

Intelligent system with a wide range of applications for advanced shaft alignment and capability for geometric applications. It has a built-in inclinometer, vibration measurement capability and 7-axis measuring system.

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Powerful, precise shaft alignment

Powerful functions for the alignment of horizontal, vertical and flange mounted machines. The system has been designed for industrial applications and can be used in extreme maintenance working conditions. 

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Fast, efficient shaft alignment

Ideal for industrial applications, this entry level shaft alignment unit delivers intelligent and precise alignment results.  The system progressively guides the user  to determine the alignment condition and its tolerance evaluation.

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Software and Geometric Alignment

Alignment Reliability Center 4.0

Prepare, analyse and organise

Connect all your alignment units in one platform. Create alignment templates, analyse results and build a history of your machine's condition.  



Precise belt pulley alignment

Reduce pulley and belt wear to improve machine performance. Mounted magnetically for an efficient one-man operation.

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Levalign Ultra iS

Surface flatness and levelling

Geometric alignment system to measure levelness, flatness and perpendicularity in various industries in collaboration with the Rotalign Ultra iS.

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Brackets and Accessories

Compact Magnetic Brackets

Magnetic brackets for shaft alignment

Instant set-up onto any ferromagnetic surface. Stable and easily adjustable.

Magnetic Sliding Brackets

Alignment brackets for non-rotatable shafts

An easy bracketing solution for shaft diameters of 80mm and up when one or both shafts cannot be rotated.  Simply slides around coupling flange or shaft end.


Higher accuracy in machinery alignment

Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses that fit almost all machine feet.  Prüftechnik offers a range of shim cases available, each containing a complete assortment of shims. 

*More brackets and alignment accessories available, please contact PDS for specific requirements.